Homemade portioned meals ready to heat-and-eat are ideal for:


  • Portion controlled meals for weight loss or maintenance.
  • Meals made with ingredients you chose for specific dietary needs.
  • Heat-and-eat nutrition packed meals for families with kids on-the-go.
  • Meals to give to others—elderly parents, sick neighbor, new parent or a friend… just because. And of course, anyone wanting to simply eat healthier.
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Freezing and storing homemade meals is easy!


– Designed to fit most standard home freezers including top, bottom or side-by-side styles. (8”Wx8”Dx7.6”H)

–  Suitable for quart size zipper closure freezer bags.

– Multiple holes allow air to circulate reducing freezing time to help preserve quality.

– Meals can be stored in shelves or the shelves can be removed to increase the storage capacity.

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The Meal Planning Playbook

The Meal Planning Playbook is your guide to plan and prepare meals for today, tomorrow and beyond. The guide includes more than 100 basic everyday lunch and dinner recipes along with meal ideas to help you develop meal plans that may include re-invented meals with leftovers, frozen heat-and-eat meals or even a fresh salad.  You will learn that making homemade versions of many convenient foods, such as soups and frozen entrees, are not only easy but you can control the ingredients.

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