Some five years ago, I decided that writing a cook book would be a great hobby. After all, many consider me a good cook, nothing fancy, but a good cook…so why not?  As the journey began, I knew that I wanted to include a lot of freezer friendly recipes. Why? During the years that I raised my kids, I supplemented days of homemade fresh meals with some convenient healthy frozen meals or meal components. You see, I was raised in a household where my Dad preached to us about the evils of saturated fat and sodium so I gravitated to homemade cooking as much as possible. Ironically, many of the recipes I was creating were going to be frozen to help out my elderly parents. But, during the development process of the

book, I was stumped on how to freeze the individual portion size meals that my parents could easily just take a meal out, heat it up and enjoy a healthy meal without having to cook. I couldn’t find anything on the market to meet my needs so I invented a solution – the Inmyel Freezer Cube.



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Inmyel ( pronounced ‘in-my-el’)

‘Inmyel’: all things that can take place in my kitchen. The story began some time ago when I would invite my friends or family to a “wine and dine” night at my house and everyone would gather in the kitchen while I buzzed around my kitchen preparing dinner.  Preparing dinner for a number of people takes a little planning, a lot of organization and a clear work area to get it all done. My kitchen work area is shaped like an “L” and became my protected work zone. In the midst of the chatter and mingling, someone would inadvertently venture into my work zone. Naturally, I would call interference and shout “you are in-my-el!” My “el” continues to be a guarded area in my kitchen whether it be when I am simply cooking a quick weekday meal or a special planned weekend dinner.