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Real Tales from Individuals Coping With Sickle Cell Condition

Geno Atkins’ Tale

“My tale started whenever a child came across a young woman from the campus of Florida A&M University. To their very very first date he asked the young girl if she carried the cell trait that is sickle! That young man became dad and also the dude is my mom. Dad holds the sickle mobile trait and ended up being well conscious that if he married somebody who additionally holds the trait, their young ones had a 50% potential for being born with complete blown cell disease that is sickle. He unearthed that my mother just isn't a provider regarding the sickle mobile trait. The others is history.

“I am the earliest of three kiddies therefore the only 1 with sickle cellular trait. The very first time we learned we carry the sickle cellular trait ended up being as a freshman during the University of Georgia.