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Sibling Warfare. But many months ago we read a quote from Jeffrey Kluger that shifted my opinion on siblings from exasperating to endearing.

36 months ago, once I discovered I was relieved out I was pregnant with my second boy. I currently had one, and so the immediate idea in my head ended up being, “I got this. I'm sure men. This is my oldest son—version 2.0.” But literally, as soon as I happened to be in a position to feel my 2nd guy that is little, we knew he had been, in no uncertain terms, nothing beats their cousin.

Every minute since has verified the things I suspected then. We may have two guys, however they are their particular deal. I have yet another delicate, compassionate, and intuitive. He could be a thinker, a learner, a good concern asker and a budding evangelist. I've a differnt one whoever love language is teasing, whose very first word had been “go”, whom operates and skips more than he walks, whom laughs as he falls down and views guidelines as more like a way to make a tale than to really obey.