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If we graph faith set alongside the ethnicity, the outcomes are more or less everything you anticipate

The only significant difference is Hindu and Sikh profiles tend to have much shorter profiles compared to other listed religions as for religion. One exclusion is one Caucasian woman who listed their faith as Shinto. Style of an odd profile.

In the event that you noticed through the graphs, there’s one huge outlier in profile size at 322 words. This individual penned adequate to use up a lot more than the display height back at my phone, which required me personally to manually go into the information due to my script maybe not handling that advantage instance.

Height Map

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There’s a few outliers that you could have noticed. There’s a few individuals whom|people that are few} listed their height as 99+ ins, or 8 legs 3 ins. This is simply not their real height, so that it’s feasible they fat fingered the data and never ever changed it or it had been done deliberately.