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Bad things can occur to people that are g d if they're armed having a gun or a software

The loss of an estate that is real who had been murdered on the job generated a raft of articles and email messages about apps designed to keep real estate agents secure. Using an app to let friends understand where you are may help them find your body, however when they are doing, you won’t be any less dead.

Apps are handy, nevertheless they have some limitations that are serious. I will get a grip on my thermoregulator and my tv from my phone, but I can’t allow dog out or obtain a snack through the refrigerator by having an software. I could check my bank balances and work out a deposit, but We cannot get three $20 bills unless We go someplace where they have real money, which isn’t within my home.

The apps on our phones and tablets are t ls. They can not replace human being judgment, and there isn’t an app that may fix stupid or crazy, making sure that children won’t be gunned down at sch l.

I’ve read all sorts of advice to agents about being alert while at work and watching what is going on around us at open houses as well as in other work situations. I think that’s great advice, with the exception of the actual fact in that most circumstances, agents could be more focused on their phone than on which is going on around them.

As a estate that is real whom works directly with purchasers and vendors, we sometimes enter into situations that don’t feel safe. I have already been bitten by way of a dog while on a appointment that is listing. I’ve fallen on the ice at a client’s house.

My best danger of injury face to face right here in Minnesota is sliding in the ice in the dark while showing houses.