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Anybody utilized Tinder to meet up with individuals on the way? - Solo Travel Forum

I am aware Tinder is much more of a 'dating' (and I also use that term loosely) software but has anyone attempted it to generally meet somebody for dinner/coffee or a glass or two?

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I am solo-ing to Rome, Naples additionally the Amalfi Coast in and use Tinder at home - just wondering if anyone's used it while away october.

I suppose Tinder could have uses that are various different nations and areas, but generally speaking in the Americas, it indicates "hookup". Therefore, my solution could be no, since this is the premise that is whole the application. We see you might take a look at the Travel Buddy thread - try websites like meetup - many local forum boards here do often arrange local gatherings and meetups, as well that you are a DE, so.

Being from the forums for the location and either asking questions or assisting other people is really a way that is good satisfy other TAers, at the very least you obtain the opportunity to have a notable idea about what they're like.

I have met 2 a year ago on trips and have now another 6 if I get to London that I hope to meet. Constantly only for a drink or dinner. It is good to meet up with the individuals behind the posts.

The expectation on Tinder by the most of users should indeed be a nightly "pick up" rather than dinner/drink.

My concern could be that as the a standard expectation - you will get some responders who will be anticipating a heck of greater than meals !

Many Many Thanks guys - i take advantage of Tinder when I stated and whilst some expect *that*, numerous simply want an out with someone night. Most Tinder users may also be really direct when they want *that* generally there isn't any misunderstandings.

Did you know if you have a comparable software to Tinder that locates individuals nearby whom simply want anyone to go out with for a couple hours?