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The company of Love

B y the requirements associated with the algorithmic, immediate judgment online dating sites age, Jess Kushner (MBA 2008) and Ken Deckinger have actually a tale complement a vintage fashioned romantic comedy. In 2003, Deckinger had been managing a rate dating company whenever their buddy and cofounder, Adele Tongish, posted their profile to a now defunct site that promised internet dating having a twist: ladies suggested their male buddies to many other women.

Kushner, that has additionally suggested a buddy of hers on the website, spotted Deckinger’s profile and emailed Tongish, asking the crucial concerns which were seldom answered from the typical on line dating internet site: Is he “comfortable with himself”? May I be my “goofball self” around him? “This really is the thing that is coolest be capable of getting an impression from a woman!” Kushner penned. Tongish encouraged her to e-mail Deckinger “he likes a goofball” and forwarded the e-mail change to Deckinger. “Holy $#!&,” Tongish had written, “it’s your spouse!”

Tongish had been appropriate. Kushner and Deckinger married in 2007, while Kushner whom now passes Deckinger ended up being pursuing her MBA at HBS. Today, the few has three girls and a brand new boston based online dating startup, Jess, Meet Ken. Their how exactly we came across tale may be the model together with advertising for the ongoing business, which established as an internet site in belated 2014. “We know this works,” says Jess Deckinger.