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Troops are 'monitoring' migrants, pay day loans and Ebony pictures find a house: The Morning Rundown

Good early morning, NBC News readers.

U.S. troops perched on raised platforms are keeping track of migrants in Texas, the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee discovered "extensive" Russian election disturbance, and Ebony's photo archives are finding a home that is happy.

Today here's what else we're watching.

'Mission creep'? U.S. troops 'monitoring' migrants in Texas

Active-duty U.S. troops are now actually stationed within the Border Patrol's keeping center in Donna, Texas, and monitoring migrant adults and kids from just a couple foot away, relating to two present as well as 2 previous protection officials.

One congressman states the troops' existence comes near to breaking a 140-year-old law that is federal.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids the government from making use of forces that are military work as a police within U.S. edges.

"It is perhaps maybe not the role regarding the U.S.