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I'm like I’m being lied to my face whenever talking to these people and discriminated against for being the daddy.

My ex recieved the real time with order for the two young ones G13&b9… we became unwell in 2017 and until that time I became the only care and economic bread winner l king after my young ones and working full time being a nurse. Having less help myself and my kiddies received from my ex, their dad caused me to truly have a breakdown. He wouldn’t contact for days and would only have them over night every little while, in addition to this he had been frequently late or that is“forgot the child upkeep I asked why not try this out their dad to part of and dominate for my childrens sake and thus that I could recover. He declined to allow me see them for me to recover while I was p rly and fed lies to anyone who would listen, this prolonged my p r mental health and t k longer. While I happened to be defectively my ex seized the chance to start their life that is brand new with new partner. Many, much time of court battles later and much monetary ruin he received the live with purchase and I was presented with contact arrangement, every other weekend, fri-mon overnight in the week wed-thur and we split most of the half term significantly equally, we get more amount of time in the term and don’t lose my weekends in their terms. It averages away about170 evenings each year.

Throughout the begin of covid, we worked in the hospital in ED

. My ex stopped contact between myself and my kiddies because of my work.