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I Consequently Found Out My Girlfriend Of 4 Months Is HIV Positive

Producer’s note: some body on Quora asked: what is it truly like to find away your girlfriend has HIV? The following is among the best responses that’s been taken through the thread.

We’ve been together 4 months. We've regular intercourse with a condom. She’s excessively strict about this. We’ve never had sex that is oral she’s much more strict with that.

Final evening we had been during sex together. I must say I wished to decrease she told me no again on her and. I became wanting to realize her shortage of wish to have dental sex when it just happened. I inquired her if there was clearly several other explanation like she had HIV or something like that. She paused and stated, “Yes, I’m HIV good,” with a nervous laugh. She constantly laughs whenever she’s nervous, but, in this specific situation, it absolutely wasn’t sweet, it’s ended up being frustratingly ambiguous.

It took a couple of dual provides before I realised she had been telling the facts.