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Are we parents that are failing children are taken into care?

Some family lawyers and barristers report dealing with situations involving babies eight, nine and 10 from the exact same mom. Photograph David Aaron Troy/Getty Images

L eah can’t stop wringing her fingers. Every fingernail is bitten to the quick. This 23-year-old mom of two males wears a silver ring that spells out “Mum” she’s never taken it well, she tells me, since being given it for her twentieth birthday celebration by the foster carer at the mother-and-baby placement where she lived briefly after her eldest son, Jamie, was created.

But Leah isn’t in a position to be considered a mum. Jamie had been taken into local authority care at four months old and has now been used. In December she destroyed Harley, born last year, after caring for him for nine months. The anguish of each and every loss is ordinary.

Her story emerges haltingly, in fragments. “I almost did come that is n’t,” she claims abruptly. “It’s hard for me to trust new individuals.”

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It is now well comprehended that women whoever kiddies are taken they have lost from them by social services will frequently keep having babies to replace those.